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                     Mary Kristmouse welcomes you to our e-card centre.


This initiative allows our friends and supporters to use their very own mice to send Christmas (and other, such as Easter) greetings which are environmentally friendly, efficient and effective, and support the great work of Interplast in repairing bodies and rebuilding lives in the Asia-Pacific region.




The basic pricing structure is affordable and allows our nominated charity, Interplast, to receive a donation of 20% of your e-Card spend.

You can purchase e-Cards in small or large amounts.

The larger the e-Card amount the more economical it becomes per e-Card. The minimum number of e-Cards that can be purchased is 10 e-Cards = $15 (plus GST). You don’t need to use all the e-Cards at once; our system keeps a tally of the number of e-Cards you have left, which is updated each time you send e-Cards. Your e-Card spend within our system will last for a period of six months after which time it will expire.

Should you need to purchase more e-Cards this can be done, and will update the e-Card balance.


Easy Steps to Creating a Customised e-Card:


After accessing the Charity e-Card website at http://www.charityecardmarket.com.au/ you will be led through the following  five steps. Important things to remember are:


1. Select an e-Card

Preview our e-cards, note that there are more than just Christmas cards, and you may choose to use some of your credits to send cards for other occasions. Click the preview button so you can see each e-Card concept and choose the one that appeals to you. 


2. Customise

Our system will guide you all the way. All e-Cards require your personal message (do not type "Dear Firstname" as part of your message. This will be automatically added from the names you provide for your recipients). You can add optional features, like your company logo or music, but, for first-time users and recipients, we suggest the simpler the better – save the bells and whistles for the next time you send our e-cards.


3. Register

Enter your details and create your account (please note: your name - and company name if you wish - will be included in the email sent to your recipients). Once your registration is approved you can logon, create and preview your personalised e-Card, purchase e-Card credits, send your e-Card.


4. Add Recipients

Once you have registered you can add individual recipients manually (the easiest solution for small-volume senders) or upload them in bulk (useful for corporate users who may be sending a large number of cards). 


5. Select Charity / Payment

Select the number of credits you wish to purchase, select “Ryde Rotary e-Club” as your charity of your choice, and we’ll send 20% of the value of your e-Card order to Interplast. Add your payment details to verify your e-Card transaction. 


Now, click on the link above, and thank you for helping us to support Interplast.


PS. If you’re searching for a Christmas present for the person who has everything, you might like to consider a donation e-card in lieu of a present. You can customise your card, choose Interplast as the charity receiving your donation, and let the recipient know that a donation has been made to Interplast in lieu of a conventional “present”. To utilise this option, go to:

https://www.mycause.com.au/donation-gift-cards , choose your card, nominate Interplast, and make your donation.



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