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2012 Christmas Gift Wrapping Wrap-Up

2012 Christmas gift wrapping at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre was a successful fund raiser for Ryde Rotary. During the ten days (87.30hours) of gift wrapping we raised $5,468.95. The project was a good promotion for Rotary, we were able to display our banner in the shopping centre and we had a radio advertisement on 2RRR played leading up to Christmas. We were surprised when we had television coverage by SBS TV on Christmas Eve.

Ninety five volunteers participated in gift wrapping and in total they donated 560 hours and 45 minutes for this project. This year 65% of the participants were school and university students from James Ruse Agricultural High School and Ryde Youth Council, who enjoyed the experience and they were keen to spend long time gift wrapping. Apart from our Club members, Eastwood Rotary and Ryde Inner Wheel members came to help.

Here is a breakdown of the groups who helped and how much they contributed:

Rotary Club of Ryde
15 Rotarians + 7 family members - 198 hours and 25 minutes

Rotary Club of Eastwood
4 Rotarians - 20 hours & 25 minutes

Ryde Inner Wheel
3 Inner wheel  ladies - 8 hours & 50 minutes

James Ruse Interact Club
50 Interactors - 176 hours & 40 minutes

Ryde Youth Council
12 Ryde youth members - 141 hours & 55 minutes

Friends of Rotary
4 friends of Rotary - 14 hours & 30 minutes

The activity was highly appreciated by the management of Top Ryde City Shopping Centre and they are happy to extend our involvement to run other community projects in the Centre. All supplies (paper, ribbon and tapes) were donated by the Shopping Centre.  At the start of the project we were given two tables and by Christmas Eve we were using four tables

The success of this project was primarily due to the eagerness of the volunteers to help and the good location offered by the management of the Shopping Centre. 

I sincerely thank every Rotarian and their family members who came to help. My special thanks goes to Kalma McLellan, John Brown, Robert Senior, and Artin Etmekdjian who devoted over 10 hours each to gift wrap.  I would take this opportunity to mention James Camilleri and Carla Kassab from Ryde Youth Council who devoted 49 hours jointly to the project. I enjoyed working with both of them, when they turned up they were in charge of the project and making sure no one leaves the Centre without having the gifts purchased wrapped by Rotary volunteers.

Finally, I kindly ask you not to throw 2012 Christmas cards in the recycling bin, please give them to me to re-use as Christmas gift tags for 2013.

Thank you to all.

Nora Etmekdjian
Community Services Chair


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