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Club News

Our very own John Dodd becomes District Governor for 2012-2013

The Rotary Club of Ryde congratulates PP John Dodd and his wife Janelle as he takes on the role of District 9680 Governor for 2012-2013. DG John Dodd has a huge year ahead of him, with the District Conference in March 2013 being organized by Ryde Rotary, not to mention the ever-increasing activities of our very lively and pro-active district. 

Click here to read John's "New Year" issue 1 of his e-newsletter, packed with news, events and updates. 

We are looking forward to an exciting and action-packed year ahead, with the dynamic DG John Dodd at the helm.  

Win tickets to State of Origin 3 - and support diabetes research

One of our member's closest friend's daughter Mackenzie (aged 6) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, back in June 2011 and they are determined to help JDRF find a cure for this disease.

They have secured ticket(s) from FourX (XXXX) to the SOO (Game 3) which is sold out...

A Chance to win tickets to the “Sold Out” – State of Origin (Game 3) @ Suncorp. 

Here’s a chance for all our Rugby League loving Rotarians (I guess that includes Hendo!!)


So, please click on the link, make a small donation to this family’s “Little Everyday Hero” (all donations go to the JDRF) and you have a chance to win tickets to the State Of Origin (Game 3) which is sold out… 

A chance to see  NSW create History and win the series @ Suncorp Stadium (old Lang Park) in their own back yard.

District Governor David Rands final editorial for the year

Greetings my fellow Rotarians

This is my last opportunity to make editorial comment in our excellent e-news.  

It has truly been a very rewarding year for Anne and me.  We have been very privileged to serve this wonderful Rotary district and to have learned so much about the stimulating projects that you Rotarians are doing in your clubs, and the work that you have all been doing in strengthening your clubs.  Indeed the club visits have been a real highlight of the year for us and we cannot express enough our appreciation for the very warm welcome we received at all clubs.

At the district level as well as at club level, we have been facing the challenges of change, and we can expect constant change in the way things happen.  I know that in the coming Rotary year DGE John will introduce new ways of conducting Rotary’s business which will be very positive.  Some radical change initiatives have not been accepted by the RI board, but that only increases the determination of those who see the need for change to work even harder and smarter.  But many clubs have adopted change and I congratulate those that have taken steps to modernise and become more relevant to younger people and newer Rotarians.

Introducing the Rotary Leadership Institute to our district to fill a gap in our training and Rotary knowledge has been a big achievement, thanks to PDG Barry Philps and his team of 10 faculty members – all who have given up large portions of their time to help us Rotarians.  Please put this training on your list as you take on new roles in Rotary – at district or club level.  You will get a huge amount out of it, as well as meeting some nice fellow-Rotarians from other clubs.

Last Thursday we presented the district awards to a very good spread of clubs.  Congratulations to those clubs who received an award or certificate.  But all clubs do wonderful project work and most support our Foundation very strongly, so please all of you take a bow for the great work you do as we work together to make the world a better place. 

Two weeks ago we had our last 2011-12 District Team meeting and I would like to put on record once again how indebted we all are to those Rotarians who go that extra mile and volunteer for work on the district team.  In most cases these are the people who are active in our clubs as well – their commitment to helping others is very humbling.

In particular I would like to give credit to PDG Pam for her wonderful leadership of our training program which began over 18 months ago, to Barry who assisted her and led our RLI courses.  And to Theo and the avenue of service chairs (Peter, Cliff, Rod and Bob) who have ensured that our project activity across the district has been well supported; to Lindsay for another excellent year in frustrating circumstances for keeping our commitment to and use of the Foundation at a very high level; to Ross for his unceasing work in supporting clubs in their quest and duty to find new members; and Graeme for his leadership in the area of Club Service – there is so much we can do in this avenue of service as we seek to strengthen clubs for the future.  I must also thank Dani Fogarty for her leadership of the Rotaract district activities – we have been so pleased to charter three new clubs this year. I have been made most welcome when visiting Rotaract clubs.  Rotaractors are Rotarians of the future and it has been a great kick to enjoy the company of young people and see the great work they are doing in Rotary service.
Behind the scenes to a large extent there is this very strong support team to whom we are very grateful – Mentor PDG Harold, Gina (not only District Secretary but also the directory publisher, and that is no mean feat!), Michael, Trish and Jim (who has watched over our purse strings like an eagle!)

Also we have had one of the best websites and e-newsletters any district could hope for and we must thank Les and his team for his unceasing, and highly efficient, efforts in keeping us all well informed through the district as to what is going on and coming up.  David Ellyard led our conference committee to a very successful conference, which, in spite of lower than normal numbers produced a modest surplus financially, while delivering a wonderful array of speakers and entertainment.
To our 12 Assistant Governors who helped me so much with the club liaisons, a very big thank-you. Rod, Barry, Brian, Gavin, Bobby, Joy, Jade, Mark, Mike, Lyn, Liz and Bryan, you have all done your zones and the district proud.

And to the Presidents and our wonderful Rotarians, who make up our clubs, where all the real action happens,  Thank You for working so hard this year as we all followed President Kalyan’s lead to Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.

And to John and Janelle, as we move into a new Rotary year, we wish you a wonderful year and an exciting experience in leading this great district under President Sakuji’s theme of Peace through Service.

Once again, Thank You All for a wonderful experience.  I look forward to seeing you all at the District Changeover on 29 June. 

Kind regards
David Rands
Governor 2011-12

2012 Red Shield Appeal Report

Rotary Club of Ryde has been helping the Salvos for the past 16 years to raise funds for the most needy in our society. The target for 2012 Red Shield Appeal is $90 Million. As always our collection started with a generous and kind hearted donation from PDG Les Whitcroft for the amount of $10,000.

This year the number of the JRAHS Interact students and helpers increased. We had 82 James Ruse Agricultural High School Students doorknocking houses in Denistone, West Ryde and Eastwood suburbs.

Four car dealers in the area offered us free vehicles or sponsored a bus to make the ferrying of the students easier. David Tompkins who is the owner of Ryde Toyota sponsored a 20 seater bus and offered to drive it on Sunday and Rotarian Graham Metcalfe was the navigator for him. On Saturday Mr. Richard Roebuck, a volunteer from Gladesville offered to drive the bus for free and Rotarian Bill Payne was the navigator.

Tom Kerr Auto offered us an eleven seater vehicle and Rotarian John Brown was the driver for Saturday and Sunday. Brad Garlick Auto offered a seven seater and Rotarian Kalma Mclellan was the driver for the two days.

When two Rotarians informed me that they will not be able to help, I did not stress and thought someone will help. I received a telephone call from Hunter Holden the following day informing me that there will be a ten seater bus with a driver available for Saturday and Sunday to transport the students. Mr. Des Klein from Hunter Holden was the driver of the bus and Rotarian Erdem Toner and Graham Metcalfe were the navigators for the two days.

On Sunday mid morning PP Noel Dunn turned up to make sure we are all doing a good job. Thank you Noel for your support, you have been doing this job for over ten years and you taught me a lot. It is now our turn to do the job as good as you did for the past years.

Having James Ruse Agricultural High School students and all the local car dealers, the job was made easy. Eight Rotarians (Martin Aston, John Brown, Adrian Hallett, Kalma Maclellan, Graham Metcalfe, Bill Payne, Duncan Taylor and Erdem Toner) were busy transporting students, Rotarian Ron Taffa was counting money and Rotarian Val Payne was in charge of the morning tea. This year the morning tea was sponsored by St George Bank.

Thank you to everyone. We raised a total of $16,596.00  and this includes PDG Les Whitcroft donation. We did our share to make sure the Salvos can continue the great work they do to look after the most vulnerable and needy in our community. God bless their work.

Rtn. Nora Etmekdjian

PP Ashley Peake Honored for 50 Years of Membership

Exactly fifty years ago next Tuesday night, President Bill Stacey inducted a young Eastwood dentist, Ashley Peake, into the Rotary Club of Ryde.  Ashley’s desire to involve himself fully in Rotary saw him accept directorships in three different services before the Club appointed him as President for the 1967-68 year.

During his presidential year, Ryde sponsored the Rotary Club of Eastwood and ran the District Conference at Macquarie University.  Such was the great organisation and diligence of Ryde Rotarians that the success of the Conference brought generous praise from DG Gordon Harman and all District Clubs.

Of the many local projects undertaken that year, one stood out.  That was the Child Accident Survey, run successfully in conjunction with the Health Department and Ryde Council. Volunteers conducted a survey of accidents to children in the District, and gathered much valuable information.  This was publicised widely and created great interest.  The main international project, arranged through Community Aid Abroad, provided a water supply and irrigation for the village of Mohanpur, 120 miles from Calcutta.  Funds for this were raised from an Art Show.

In the years following, PP Ashley showed continued leadership skills in diverse areas, particularly Programs, Classification and Membership Development.  The early eighties saw him appointed as an Unattached Director because his contributions were so highly regarded.  The Board in February 1988, recognised him as a Paul Harris Fellow.

Let me use a quotation from our longest-serving Charter Member PP Ron Pacey. Ron wrote “The Rotary Club of Ryde over the years has been blessed with many fine Rotarians, but only two of them ever earned the title of ‘Mr Rotary’ because of their intimate knowledge of the ideals of Rotary, and because of their thorough understanding of the Constitution and By-Laws of Rotary International, of the Club Constitution and By-Laws, and of the ‘Bible’ of Rotary – the Manual of Procedure. The first was Eric Allars and the second Ashley Peake”.  This quotation sums up PP Ashley’s ongoing Ryde Rotary involvement.  In June 2001, the Board awarded Ashley a Sapphire Pin.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to attend our Club’s 66th Birthday Celebration recently, were privileged to hear PP Ashley propose the toast to our Club.  Every word underlined what has been already said. PP Ashley’s intimate knowledge of our Club and its history was clearly and definitely expressed.  How many of us are aware that those wise words were spoken so ably by a Rotarian in his ninety-second year?  For such long and meritorious service to the Rotary Club of Ryde, our Board wishes to honour PP Ashley Peake with a second Sapphire Pin.

PP Doug Thompson

City to Surf Fundraiser for Polio - Sponsor the team today!

C2S EndPolio is a group of young professionals training to compete in the City to Surf 2012

With only 4 1/2 months from our April 1st launch until the race, it’s going to be a hard slog for these incredibly unfit “Nannas” to train up and raise as much money for End Polio Now as possible.

Poliomyelitis is an acute, viral, infectious disease affecting children. It is spread from person to person, affecting the central nervous system. Polio causes paralysis, pain, fever, seizures and spastic paralysis, and leads to lifelong deformity, paralysis and pain. There is no cure.

While the current vaccine was invented in 1955 and the developed world is largely Polio-free today, Polio was still endemic in the developing world due to limited access, funding, administration and regional conflicts.

In 1988, Rotary World President Royce Abbey (Melbourne, Australia) announced a global effort in conjunction with the World Health Organisation and UNICEF to eradicate Polio. Already the program has overcome obstacles of distance, access, co-ordination, religion, politics and booming populations to eradicate Polio in the Americas, Europe and the West Pacific. The number of annual diagnosed cases have been reduced by 99%; from an estimated 350,000 cases in 1988 to around 1,000 per year now.

After 3 years with no new cases, a country can be officially declared Polio-free. This means the vaccination and follow up boosters of all children under the age of 10. With a global birthrate of 252 children per minute, this is an exponentially challenging administrative and volunteer effort to maintain. Despite being certified Polio-free in 2001, an outbreak was confirmed in China in September 2011 involving a strain of Poliomyelitis prevalent in neighbouring Pakistan.

The push to finally eradicate Polio must be amplified. The last 3 countries with a total 650 new cases of Polio every year are Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. With increasing travel and globalisation, if Polio is not eradicated now, the virus will become globally endemic again within our lifetimes.

C2S EndPolio is a Rotary Foundation project of Ryde Rotary Club.

Hat Day is coming - Rotary Supports Mental Health

Last year Australian Rotary Health launched an exciting new fundraising and mental health research awareness event called Hat Day which raised over $100,000 for mental health research. This event provided an excellent platform to raise the profile of Rotary in the community while supporting a very worthy cause.

This year, Hat Day is returning on the 18 May ...Ryde Rotary's meeting on Tuesday 15 May will be a hat themed event and promises to be a big one. Go to our events page for details and contact us to RSVP.

Mental illness affects one in five Australian’s every year. Suicide, a tragic consequence of mental illness such as depression, claims over 2,000 lives each year in Australia. Steps need to be taken to halt this tragic loss of life.

Australian Rotary Health supports finding a solution to Australia’s mental health crisis through research. Last year we funded more than 40 studies into various areas of mental health but to continue supporting this vital research we need your help.  

Last year Australian Rotary Health launched an exciting new fundraising and mental health research awareness event called Hat Day which raised over $100,000 for mental health research. This event provided an excellent platform to raise the profile of Rotary in the community while supporting a very worthy cause.

This year, Hat Day is returning on the 18 May, however your Club is free to wear a hat and donate to Hat Day at any day that suits you. We would like your help in promoting Hat Day in your community as one of your clubs PR, membership and service projects to help us support more research into this vital field of health.

Hat Day is a fun day for everyone to find out more about mental health and help raise funds to aid mental health research.

If you would like to know more, please see your Club President, call 1800 781 878 or email info@hatday.com.au for more information.

Rotary Leadership Institute Course Completed

On Saturday 14th April four members of the Club completed their three day ‘Rotary Leadership Institute‘ course and graduated with certificates to show successful completion of the course.  There have been a number of groups doing the Course on different days to allow for the volume of applicants for training. 

The other groups have also completed their training and have been presented with certificates as well. 

The course covered many aspects of Rotary administration and procedures and will equip those who have participated well for their coming duties on our Club’s Board.  District Governor David Rands sacrificed more of his time to come and present certificates to our four candidates which clearly reflects the high regard District places in this new and valuable addition to Rotary training.

Ryde Rotary Junior School Public Speaking Competition Round 1

The first round of the 7th Annual Ryde Rotary Junior School Public Speaking Competition was held last Wednesday night at Eastwood Heights Public School. Allen Horrell, the convenor of this year's event, welcomed Parents, Teachers and most importantly, the children for attending the competition.

 Mr Lawrence Van Ryn, Principal of Eastwood Heights Public School was thanked for hosting the event again this year. Eastwood Heights has hosted this event for the last 5 years, saving Ryde Rotary from having to charge an entry fee for the competition venue.  

Ryde Rotary runs this competition to give junior school students from the Ryde District the opportunity to demonstrate their speaking skills in a public forum. It also allows local schools to showcase the hidden talent that is within our schools in the Ryde District. 

 27 Students gave 3 minute speeches on a variety of topics ranging from "Living in my Suburb" to "Dear Madam Prime Minister", but the most popular was "Turn Off that TV!" to the discomfort of Channel 10 employee, Rtn David Johnston. He brightened up when one child not only changed the speech to "Turn On that TV!", but also gave Master Chef a plug!

The adjudicators who volunteered their time on the night, Donna Fernandez, Vanessa Thorp and Michele Hilder, had a tough job to select the three finalists to go forward to the final competition to be held at the Ryde Rotary meeting on Tuesday 27th March, but they were up to the challenge. The finalist schools, students and topics are:

Hunters Hill Public School – Conan O'Connell – Reach for the Stars

St Kevins Primary School – Joanna Crawford – Our Country

St Michaels Primary School – Natalia Reale-Bryant – Turn Off that TV!

The Rotary Club of Ryde thanks the main sponsor, the Ryde-Eastwood Leagues club for sponsoring all prizes for the contestants, the finalists and their schools. 

Other sponsors were Woolworths West Ryde, Fondue2you, Stylesetter International and Channel 10.
Allen thanked the committee who had worked so hard to put this event together, Rotarians Maureen Mulheron, Kalma McLellan, Geoff Nix, Erdem Toner, Jan Cutler and David Johnson, and photographer Duncan Taylor. 

The School of St Jude 10th Anniversary Appeal 2012 Launched

The School of St Jude 10th Anniversary 2012 Appeal has been launched on our website – Click here for details of our 2012 Appeal

Bonus! Every donation and new sponsorship until June 30th is being MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR!!

A very generous supporter has offered up to $200,000 towards our construction plans if we can raise that much in donations and new sponsorships.

Our 2012 Appeal will help us to continue to provide a free quality education for over 1600 students (and growing!) and employment to over 400 Tanzanian staff (and growing!)

 We also have 450 Student and Boarding Packages that require sponsorship Link. With a growing student population the demand has increased 
and we need to ensure each and every student at St Jude’s knows that somebody cares enough to provide them with a comfortable room to sleep in, 
nourishing meals and facilities for study and recreation.

Collectively our St Jude’s family is MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!

What a team we are!



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